yellow, and such…

Sh..wait…GOT IT!

Well, flies are another sign of Spring, aren’t they?  And now that the “yellow month” is almost over, our yellow Easter Bush (aka Forsythia), is just starting to bloom!

The Mom says the young speaker at church yesterday had a very good idea:  he insinuated that if we allowed our young people to question at an early age, they might not all be wondering about their faith in their 20’s (apparently an unprecedented number of 20-somethings are).  He said a good kind of questioning and doubt (not the kind that refuses to believe no matter what) will bring people to God—like ‘doubting’ Thomas, who Jesus came and revealed Himself to, answering his doubts rather than refusing to hear them.

There’s a cute little bird fluttering around in that Easter Bush…

Thank You God, that the answers can be so clear if we really look for them!


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