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We’ve been thinking of telling you an interesting story about The Grandparents’ house, and then we got this aerial photo of it, so..


It was nothing but a garage when they moved in.  Not for cars, no, but for cleaning things like beaver pelts!  Yes, it did take awhile to get the smell out, but having a dog or two helps. *grin* 

A wood stove and one of those compost-making toilets, were almost all that was needed to make it able to be lived in, at the beginning (besides furniture of course).  For awhile there was only a sliding garage door where you see that big bay window—everyone loved that, open in the summer time.  (In fact, you saw the inside of that door, if you saw the picture of the “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree during the Advent postings a few months ago.)  They certainly had an “open concept” for living quarters for awhile, and even now there are only a couple of rooms divided off.  With French doors added on the side, it’s a lovely open, airy place, with lots of light coming in. 

And naturally, there have been lots of changes & additions:  a screened-in back porch, a deck the length of one side, beautiful tile floor, etc. Those trees also hide several beautiful gardens.  Gardens is what the Lady of the Castle does, while Prince Charming works on making walking/skiing trails all throughout the bush in the back.  What a great way to spend retirement, eh?

Here’s one more “yellow” April picture, from this home (the yellow is small, but really stands out nicely with all the brown blends of the furniture around it):


Thank you God, that we can find pleasure in others’ enjoyment!

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