good day for a list…

…of things growing in the garden out there:

  • Autumn Fern–hasn’t changed for 2 years, though it doesn’t look quite dead; it’s sister (?) died and disappeared last year.
  • Sweet Woodroof–smells like vanilla
  • Autumn Joy stonecrop–looks ugly until the fall
  • Fall Crocuses–didn’t bloom too much last year, but this is only the second year
  • Motherwort–grows like a weed and is supposed to be good for hormone-y stuff, if you can get past the taste of that tea
  • Peppermint–just beginning to show
  • Heuchera–another fall variety
  • Spring Crocuses–the blooms are now all gone, but the leaves still look pretty
  • Pasque flower–little baby furry-things just starting to poke up
  • Nutmeg Thyme–usually grows well, but looks half-dead so far this year
  • Foam Flower–didn’t do too well last year, but it’s trying again this year!

And in the yard around the garden:

  • lots & lots of Lily of the Valley spikes (can’t wait for that smell!)
  • Hyacinth–one heavenly scent that IS here now!!
  • Weeds–yes, unfortunately; the garden has already had to have some weeding done to it… The Mom though this one weed looked pretty, but when you disturb it, IT STINKS!!
  • Grass–it will VERY soon be time to mow!!

So before the garden work starts in earnest, The Mom is getting on with her experimenting:  she’s excited about trying to make her own yogurt today.  It’s now incubating, so we’ll find out tomorrow if it worked.

Thank You God, for the sheer quantity of neat things You’ve made!

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