New Life

This isn’t the kind of Spring-new-life that we’ve been talking about.  But The Mom is so pleased with herself, there’s just no getting around talking about this…

It’s bacteria-life we’re talking about–she’s actually grown her own yogurt!  AND, she says, it tastes delicious!  She’d thought to try it, and if it tasted okay she might eventually buy a yogurt-maker, but she’s totally surprised at how easy it was–who needs a yogurt-maker!  So now, everything that calls for milk, is getting yogurt… except for a glass of milk itself, or perhaps sour cream on Tacos.  This stuff will probably taste wonderful frozen, for a summer treat.  And (apparently) it’s so much healthier than the commercial variety.

Me, I’m just lucky to get a lick out of The Boy’s glass when no one is looking…

Thank You God, for giving some of Your creative ability to Your created ones!

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