end-of-month business

That previous post could just be repeated… again and again!  “Sing yourselves into His presence… God is God and God, God… Make yourself at home talking praise…”  Even if you don’t feel it, say it out loud and you soon do!  (Especially if the sun is shining.)

In your darkest hour though, if you can do nothing else, repeat that phrase to yourself: “God is God.” 

But today, supposing the sun wasn’t shining, we have Spring very present and filling the house inside:  a boquet of Hyacinth–it smells like Heaven!

Other signs of Spring:
-green buds are visible everywhere
-the lawn needs mowing
-it’s the LAST DAY OF APRIL!!!

So, The Mom gets to do lots of fun things:
-take down the Easter decorations, and put up May-Day ones
-plan out a NEW menu, to try and help The Boy feel better (and the other two lose weight!), with NEW recipes, so that drop9 can actually visit sometime
-try out her NEW juicer, and NEW batch of (sweeter) yogurt
-finish off the old season at Club House (her kids’ ministry), with the seniors’-home-visit service project, then the Closing Event promotions

So, my job today will be to help her think–curling up on her lap should do the trick!

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