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work beckons…

We forgot a few things from our view of the back yard yesterday:  the spruce tree has sprouted all kinds of branch-ends, all soft and baby-green; the wild rose bush is covered with buds, and the Pasque flower has turned … Continue reading

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This Place

Things are still changing in our Spring-turning-to-Summer view… the sun shining through the leafy surroundings, makes it all seem like a bright green jewel; the Linden is getting ready to burst with its myriad tiny star-blossoms, and The Mom has … Continue reading

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it was a rustly, fluffy-cloud day

“Far better to be right and poorthan to be wrong and rich.”Rich?  Rich? How about right, and rich too?  Like this… Not the best as far as pictures go, but the Moss Flox itself is like a bright light beside … Continue reading

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Good Morning.The night is over and gone. I thought once–this dark would last for so long.I feel the sunlight on my face, You have brought me through this place… Jesus, Jesus–You found me! Through the long night, You led me; … Continue reading

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about studying Revelation

This seems like a good place to do sermon notes, since they can be tagged and easily found later.  We’ve started a series on Revelation at our church, and had some excellent teaching on it a couple of weeks ago–there … Continue reading

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meadows & jungles

This story is taken from our Max Lucado devotional today.  It’s about someone going through the jungle with a guide.  The guide went ahead with his machete, constantly hacking the bush out of the way.  The “tourist” was very unfamiliar … Continue reading

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some great verses from The Message this morning…

Mortals make elaborate plans,but GOD has the last word. Humans are satisfied with whatever looks good;GOD probes for what is good. Put GOD in charge of your work,then what you’ve planned will take place.(Proverbs 16: 1-3)(emphases our own) On another … Continue reading

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The Praise weapon

A song by Jars of Clay… (not that we’re going through any sort of valley ourselves; this is for those we know who are going through a valley).  It’s an update from The Mom’s post about a year ago, on … Continue reading

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and now you’ll see how old I really am…

Inspired by monalisa (who was inspired by someone else): You know how parents of little kids like to say:  “Look what he/she does, isn’t she/he cute/smart?”  When I was the little girl in this icon, it was “Look how Cathy … Continue reading

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they’re back!!

And I was oh-so-happy to see them again! They had a great rest, enjoyed wonderful weather, and the best part (apparently!) is that the gals BEAT the guys in SEVERAL games of Foot! (a card game)  AND, The Boy seems … Continue reading

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