buds & birth

We saved that poem about “it hurts when the buds burst”, that our friend

shared. It’s true, because you see them coming and you’re just so anxious for them to come–and all that represents: warmer weather, rustling-peace, sweet smells–and it’s not quite time, and it makes the colder weather harder to bear, and you *still* have to wait…  (but at least you *know* it’s coming!)

Life is like that!  You just know something better is coming, but the closer it comes, the longer it seems to take–like a better job, health, marriage, babies.  The Mom’s all-time favourite novel, by Ellen Gunderson Traylor (“John, Son of Thunder”) has John the Baptist saying “It hurts to be born, but what a joy to find life.”  The analogy of a woman in labour is so fitting, because not many other things can be so terrible & so wonderful at the same time.  “It hurts when the buds burst.”  But life!  What a joy to find life!

The apple blossoms are popping today!

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