busy diets & pauses

The Mom & I are having a bit of an argument here.  She wants to start journaling about this diet she’s doing for The Boy, but I remind her that himself will be reading her, and may find it rather boring, or just plain tired-of-hearing-about.  Then she talked about having a separate live journal account of her own, but I remind her how she needs to be here to take the “pause” that this journal is all about–and she certainly wouldn’t have time to go back and forth.

Sooo… she’s agreed to just have her diet-part under a cut each day.  And in case you didn’t know, it’s called the “Specific Carbohydrate Diet”, and it’s for people with intestinal diseases.

As for the “pause”… yesterday’s Heartlight Daily Verse was so good, we just have to share it here–any style & emphases our own.

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Thoughts on today’s verse

Sometimes the key to survival is simply “setting our jaw” and going on faithfully trusting that God is there helping us, despite the outward circumstances.

    Choosing joy through hope rather than despair,
choosing patient endurance in times of affliction, and
choosing faithfulness in prayer

are all decisions of the will.
We trust that God, who raised Jesus from the dead, can also change our circumstances because he hears our voice.

Prayer:  Create in me, O Mighty God, a resolute and steadfast heart so that I might persevere with joy no matter what the difficulty. This I ask through your faithful Son. Amen.

Two Spring things:  some leaves are opening on our tree, and the Japanese fern is uncurling!


  • I tasted one of the banana muffins by mistake (took the wrong one out of the freezer)–delicious!
  • We got to taste the special cheesecake (made with dry pressed cottage cheese)–it’s quite tasty, but something about the texture makes you suddenly decide after a few mouthfuls, not to have more until tomorrow.
  • He was on the Basic Diet that you’re supposed to start with, and expressed a longing for sugar.  I think he was feeling hungry by the end of the day, though he kept saying he’d had enough.
  • I made the honey-lollipop recipe from the book… the poor guy practically begged me not to ever make that again!  It tasted like burnt honey.  Never was good at making candy; too bad the recipe had to be such a large one!
  • I decided I was going too fast, and need not make the bread (made with nut flour) until next week; then discovered a neat recipe for bread crumbs using the cheese bread we already have on hand… should have made the bread!  Maybe Sunday.  But I’m not sure if the parmesan cheese we have is okay… the book says it shouldn’t have any extra milk products added, but how do you tell if they were added, or the original ingredients used to make it?
  • On our walk yesterday, we pet that old cat who insists so fiercely on it (DON’T TELL DUSTIE!!)
  • Got the weeding done last night.  Weeds already!  I’m not feeling like gardening this year, but at least most of my plants are perennials.


  • We have to do a run with the juicer first, so that it doesn’t disturb the yogurt
  • Looking forward to trying yogurt with half & half (organic), though it will be a mixture of half & half and 1 percent
  • At the same time, boiling in another pot, I’ll try the French cream, which is made with a thicker concentration of half & half.  I’m thinking this will taste great added into the morning’s yogurt-shake.
  • He’ll be able to have lots of fruit & vegetables today, unless he’s had “stomach-trouble”, and banana muffins, plus those crackers made with almonds & hazelnuts.
  • There’s a great recipe on the internet site, with chicken rolled in (what else)–almonds; (though it could have been those bread crumbs, if I’d had time today).
  • The problem of this diet is NOT thinking what to have, but where to start with all those new recipes!
  • Maybe today we’ll have time to read about the new toothbrush we bought last monday, and clean up all the boxes and manuals of the other things the guys have bought the last couple of weeks!  Plus, I must download the pictures from my camera so I have enough room to take the last ones at kids’ club on Wednesday; must remember to get the boy’s picture too, for his residence application.
  • But I really should make some cookies for him… since I’m sure he won’t want the cheesecake that often.  However, the butternut squash (pumpkin) will have to be cooked first…
  • The email list is so helpful; and several people are praying for us!
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