• He had a boiled egg for lunch, so that was something different than nut crackers.
  • The meeting was over quickly, and all my beautiful leaders covered all that needs to be done for the Closing Event at Club.
  • Didn’t get the bread made, but decided to give the cookies priority–they turned out delicious, though they fall apart… perhaps there is a great variance in how fine the nut flour is.  First batch was slightly over-cooked, and second batch fell apart worse, so I squished them together into little balls–all taste scrumptious, even so!  (though HE hasn’t said so.  I hate to bug him all the time about how it tastes.. he hates to say if it’s not so good, thinking about all my work.)
  • We both agree that the cheese “dip” is weird–more like a spread; basically butter & grated cheese with a little mustard flavouring.  But he’s going to try it again today, slightly melted.  How can things turn out so differently than the recipe seems to indicate?  This author assumes too much, and though the part of the book at the beginning explains things well–the rest of it is rather disorganized. There are other cookbooks for this diet… but there are so many recipes on the website as well.
  • Finally found “saccharin”/Hermasetas, though they did not have the liquid form, so we’ll have to dissolve tablets in a bit of water.
  • The Chicken Croquettes were quite good, though “different”.  (Sam was finally feeling better by supper time.  We discussed the length of the diet a little, wondering how it will work for going to University… but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Right now, the plan is for one month, and then maybe three; even though the book says you should do it for a year.) Again, she says to add seasonings “to taste”, when I want to know exactly how many teaspoons of each to put in.  Sam wanted horseradish (which I’m quite sure is allowable, as he can have certain pickles), and for some reason I decided it would be good on my own plate (I never eat horseradish)–it was delicious!  But I think it would be better not to grind up the chicken quite so fine, and add some other seasonings besides salt and pepper; perhaps if I did one recipe at a time, rather than doubling it.  While Dad & I had potatoes, Sam couldn’t even finish his broccoli, but at least there was egg in the croquettes; and he had those pumpkin cookies later.
  • Ended up doing dishes after prayer meeting last night.  I’ve never done dishes by hand so often!  But the dishwasher is too slow for all these pots & pans, and the food processor is not dishwasher-safe in any case.  Also toasted the rest of the cheese bread, to be ready for making the “bread crumbs”.  But at least I wasn’t as tired last night.


  • There’s a huge laundry to do, since last Monday was very. busy. with planning for this new diet.
  • Have a couple of Club things to do as well, and maybe I’ll get to some of those other jobs that have been waiting for so long.
  • But for sure I have to make that bread today, though I have to grind up some more almonds… hopefully I can get them to a finer texture.
  • Tasted the yogurt made with half & half this morning–mmm!!  Thick and SOO SMOOOTH!!  But the French Cream didn’t turn out like I expected–it’s more like cream cheese.  Which is okay, but not sure if Sam will  like it.  It will be great in baking though.
  • Just having a simple supper tonight–Salisbury Steak; not a particular favourite of Sam’s… maybe he’d rather keep the leftover Chicken Croquette for that.  Dad & I have to go out to the church tonight.
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