• No extra jobs done yesterday, but I *am* beginning to feel less overwhelmed.
  • Made a decision about grinding almonds:  it’s too hard to get the right texture (“like whole wheat flour”), so I’ll just have to TRUST GOD about buying the already-ground nut flour–that it doesn’t have any “extenders” that the book warns about.
  • Finally made the bread, but haven’t tried it yet. (Sam has been feeling queasy in the mornings, but at least not as bad as a couple of days ago.)  It should have been made in a smaller loaf pan, but I can cut & turn it sideways to get decent-sized slices.
  • He liked the new Yogurt-shake, made with saccharin (dissolved in water).  The water can be used because of the yogurt being extra thick.
  • It’s hard to think of packing for 4 or 5 days, for the long weekend–especially because of being very busy that week:  doctor appointment, Ryerson appointment, Club Closing, etc.  But Dad is flexible.  Sam I know, doesn’t like to think of being away from home for that long, but maybe he’ll be feeling much better by then.


  • I’ve just decided to make ketchup, so that I can make barbecue sauce, to use for hamburg & spaghetti squash supper tonight.  I’ll get the squash cooked early, so that it can cool off for taking out seeds & “spaghetti”.
  • Ketchup will have to be started early, I think it will take awhile to “simmer til thick”.
  • Again, the ketchup recipe says “honey to taste”, salt & pepper “to taste”–how much is that?  Hopefully what I decide to start with isn’t too much!
  • Also have to plan a few more meals ahead, so that I can get a grocery list ready for Thursday.
  • There’s more Club stuff to do, but I’m still hopeful of getting some of the extra jobs done today!
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