Confetti Trees

Have you ever seen those pictures of a grey-haired person with headphones, snapping fingers and bouncing away to some “hip” tune that only they can hear?  Acting like a teenager?  That’s the very picture we have here right now!  Jars of Clay tend to do that to The Mom… well, you’ve never heard “It Is Well With My Soul” like they do it–you certainly can’t snap fingers and  bounce to the traditional version!

Anyway!  (Ooof!  *shakes paw* Those half-dead flies are too ticklish on the paw for my liking.)

Okay, enough silliness.  We are now getting to final signs of Spring:  confetti.  Yes, the confetti has begun to fall.  This is when it’s easy to see the origin of the “fake” confetti they use today.  It seems a little early this year, but there are definitely a few confetti-petals falling into the garden, from the neighbours’ trees.

  • when people get married, the guests often throw paper confetti at the new bride & groom–you know, all those tiny circles of paper that make a huge, but pretty, mess;
  • people often get married in June, when the weather is better, but also when the “confetti trees” are just past their prime–the blossoms from apple, cherry, and plum trees are beginning to blow off;
  • the scattered flower petals look just like confetti–but they’re much more environment friendly;
  • before they had paper confetti, they actually used flower petals.

Thank you God, for a sign of the summer-to-come!

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