• Made ketchup for barbecue sauce, and cooked a spaghetti squash–those things are so neat!
  • The ketchup was okay, but the barbecue sauce was *way* too vinegary.  And we didn’t know until we sat down to supper.  Dad & I could stomach it, but had to make grilled cheese (with the new bread) for Sam.  (He’d tried it for lunch, and found it “fine”.)  But I can tell the sauce would be good with less vinegar; and the hamburg-on-spaghetti squash idea was tasty.
  • Spent all afternoon making up the menu & grocery list for the next week (lots of new recipes to try, and baking to do); AGAIN, no extra jobs done!
  • The “overwhelmed” feeling came back yesterday… once more was very tired by the end of the day.


  • Can’t do any more baking/cooking until I get more groceries (which can’t be done until tomorrow).
  • Simple ham & vegetables for supper tonight… soup for Sam?  Or he could have a slice of “bread”.
  • He could try the bread toasted for a change for breakfast, and have the muffin for lunch instead; though he hasn’t had the crackers for a day or so…
  • Thought I had to get my Club stuff done last night… so today ends up much “freer” than it was going to be.  MAYBE some of those jobs will FINALLY get done!  For sure the lawn needs mowing.
  • As these lists get shorter, things are “easing in” with the new diet–Praise God!
  • Dad (I should just say “Rej”) is kind of excited that the diet might work, which seems slightly unusual to me… maybe a good sign?
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