• Sam wanted his banana muffin for breakfast, as usual.  After all, he hasn’t been able to eat bananas for almost a year.
  • Finally managed to get a little of the “extra jobs” done.
  • The bread with that “dip” was not very tasty–he didn’t eat it all, so I tasted it myself.  Decided to throw out the “dip” (how could it turn out so different than it was supposed to–like a spread, not a dip?)  What could be put on the bread when he has it as an extra with supper, I wonder?  There is more chicken soup in the freezer than I thought, but that’s not the best for hot summer days, unless it’s okay when the air conditioning is on.
  • He didn’t sleep well the night before, and again last night… too noisy with the windows open, and even though we put the air conditioning on last night (how sad–no more open doors and windows!), it wasn’t quite hot enough for it to come on.. yet we all had trouble sleeping because of the heat!  Since it rained, we couldn’t have left the windows open anyway.


  • Feeling hectic again, with all the groceries I have to get and put away, plus some baking and Club stuff; and we have to get the trailer & propane tomorrow.
  • I’ll perhaps enjoy all the baking-work more when Club is done (next week).
  • Going to try the new recipe that says cauliflour tastes like rice… we’ll see!  Should think of something to have on hand in case it’s another flop (not that there’s been many flops!)
  • Not even sure which baking I’m doing next; lots has to be done ahead if we’re going away for almost a week.  Want to make mayo, so that I can make devilled eggs for him, for some variation

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