more buds

Every day there are changes outside… green leaves coming out among the yellow blossoms of the Easter Bush, all the leaves on the Linden out now (still in “baby stage”), a few little sparkles of tiny flowers on the Forget-me-nots (the last time she planted Forget-me-nots, they “forgot” to grow the next year), and MORE BUDS!  The Mom was rather delighted that her Foam Flower has lots of buds, since it did not bloom at all last year.  So happy, in fact, that she went right out this morning and took pictures… and thereby got to breath deeply of the “fragrance after the rain”.

From what we saw in the magazine, these look really beautiful when opened.  Maybe they’ll be the type of flower you can pick!

This what The Mom calls the “Vanilla” plant, because it smells like vanilla.

“Yaaay!!” Soon we’ll have Lily of the Valley boquets… The Mom should wear them around her neck, she loves the smell so much!

This is the Japanese Fern we were talking about the other day.

Praise You, amazing Creator!!

(We don’t know how to make our own mood icons, but there should be one saying “in awe”, or “amazed”!)

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