• Sat down and re-did my list, thinking carefully of the priority.
  • The coconut muffins turned out delicious, and the lemon-cracker dough is in the freezer, ready for slicing and baking (a complicated, bake-on-one-side, turn-over procedure).
  • We have now tried 3 recipes that we will never use again (plus one that we’ll adjust):  honey lollipops,  the “dip”, and last night’s Cauliflour Mushroom Risotto. Others had raved about it, but we found something tasted rather strong… perhaps the parmesan?  Everyone seems willing to try the shredded cauliflour with our ham-fried “rice” recipe though.  It did work amazingly well to shred and parboil it.  The only thing is, it’s not as filling as rice, and you wouldn’t want to eat as much; so I’ll just to have a side dish when we have it, or bread or something.
  • Not sure Sam really got enough to eat yesterday, maybe that’s why he was symptom-free.  If the sleep-problems are beginning to be fixed with the air-conditioning on, that’ll help.
  • Was able to get more done by leaving my favourite thing to do at the end of the day, so it didn’t matter if I was tired–I enjoy it so much it kept me awake (working on Club pictures).


  • That verse this morning about not wasting energy “striving for perishable food”, confirms my thought to just trust God instead of worrying about some things–like buying the nut flour already ground, instead of “striving” to grind it to the right consistency myself, etc.
  • Need to make yogurt today, in order to schedule in another round of it before leaving for a few days’ holiday next week.  Also should cook the spaghetti squash and freeze it, bake the crackers, etc.
  • Feeling the need less, to list everything here.  Although this day is looking very busy again.
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