• Found all kinds of energy from “somewhere” (see Dustie’s post), and got lots of diet stuff done–fixed the cookies by crumbling and adding nuts and honey and rolling in coconut, boiled down the ketchup (though too vinegary, can just add less for the barbecue sauce), made “sandwich rolls” (something to pack for next weekend), cooked the ribs for today, etc. (can’t even remember them all!)
  • The pizza crust turned out pretty good, but too salty & cheesy.  Will put less cheese on top for the other one (something else to pack for the weekend–thank you Lord!)
  • Sam felt rather sick for several minutes after eating it; but then was okay.
  • Our pizza (frozen) was thick and filling… feeling fatter (and uglier) all the time, and must–must begin to cut down on tasting everything!
  • Can’t believe the number of new recipes I’ve tried in the past week… and more to come!
  • Decided I can bring ingredients and continue to make things at Mom & Dad’s over the holiday.
  • Someone from the listserv for the diet clicked on my url in the signature, and sent me great comments about this journal! (a “column” she called it.) I may have to go through and take out the actual name of the diet, since it is trade-marked; don’t really want to lock it.


  • Could repeat the first point from yesterday’s “Today” (see Dustie’s post, again).
  • Will Sam be okay this morning, and be able to do his scripture reading in church?  It sure would be a nice Mother’s Day present!
  • Can’t believe there’s actually no pressing diet things to do today, but lots of Club stuff to do.

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