amazingly short today!


  • Didn’t do anything “diet related” (besides the regular meals–Sam had salad with his barbecued ribs and lots of carrots.) Yay!!
  • Got all the Club pictures done!  Yaay!!
  • Sam did get to church and read scripture, in his beautiful, rich-sounding voice!  Yaayyy!!!


  • Have to make up a menu plan for going away for the looong weekend… always a hard job.  Then I’ll see how much there is to do in the way of cooking up stuff for the diet.  I want to make mayonnaise so that he can have devilled eggs, but that’s not a necessity.  But I should bake up the rest of the “lemon-pepper” crackers.
  • There is the doctor’s appointment today, and getting things ready for the Club Closing on Wednesday.  It will be interesting to see what the doctor thinks about this diet.

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