many small victories


  • The menu/grocery list was much easier than usual, and I discovered that there are not a lot of critical things that need cooking/baking.
  • I made my own mayonnaise!! It was EASY!!
  • The doctor’s appointment:  all positive. Yay!  He went up several notches in my books, because he suggested that Sam not bother with the medicine since it wasn’t doing any good, that he just try the diet for several weeks (“let’s try one thing at a time”); he also gave him a prescription for a couple of things to try IF necessary.  He actually seemed to know some of the things we thought only naturopath-type doctors would know (from the book).
  • The “zucchini noodles” were not a hit… don’t know if they were even cooked enough, but I don’t think we’ll worry about that recipe.  And the chicken was also bad–I couldn’t eat it myself.  Sometimes I think you just get a bad “cut” from the store.  Maybe the chickens were old or something.  Plus, even the frozen beans were far from as good as the fresh ones–as many bad spots as had to be cut out of the fresh ones.  So Sam & I did not eat well last night.  (Dad/Rej eats anything.)  Oh well, there are bound to be failures!


  • A quick grocery shopping this morning, then it will be another baking day:  carrot cake muffins to pack, finish the crackers, make more yogurt, and as an extra treat:  diet-legal pumpkin pie! (IF there’s time.)
  • Trying a type of “lasagna” tonight, but I’ll take out some nice, filling, chicken soup, as even hamburger-type meals haven’t been a favourite lately.
  • Not much left to do for Club!
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