(These lists will not go on forever.)


  • Did not have time to do the “pumpkin pie”, but everything else got done, plus some eggs boiled up for devilled eggs.  The carrot cake muffins are more like a pudding, but absolutely scrumptious; the crackers looked like too many, so I just had to ‘help’ with eating a few… then they’re so hard to stay away from… !
  • The Zucchini Lasagna: Victory! Woohoo!  Sam said it’s BETTER than the ‘regular’ one I used to make!  Although, sadly, he couldn’t eat much of it… maybe later in the diet, once it’s had some more healing effect.
  • It was far too hot for chicken soup, so he had the yogurt before bed–the first time he’s tried it without being in a “shake”.  I could tell he didn’t like it, but he refused to say anything but “It’s fine!”  Although he did have one of his symptomatic, large burps afterwards, so perhaps he was still suffering the affects of the supper.


  • Busy with appointments at the university, and last-minute preparations for the Club Closing tonight.
  • But still hope to get time to do the pie thing, and the deviled eggs.
  • Simple-supper time tonight:  leftover chili, and salmon for Sam, with his nut bread on the side (what vegetables?  Hmmm…)

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