going away

Can you believe it?  The Family is actually going to be away from internet for 6 days?

‘Course, that means that they’ll also be away from me ):  But, never mind, I do NOT want to go with them!  I had enough with that trip to Florida, when I spent most of my time hiding under the sleeping bags.

The Mom has been working feverishly these last couple of weeks; now her kids’ Club finished last night, and after some shopping & packing work, they’ll be ready for that break!  The air is always noticeably sweeter at her parents’ place in the bush, which could have a little to do with all those gardens her mom works at.  They’ll have a “beautiful” time.

Even though there won’t be internet, The Mom is taking her computer with her (just in case she needs it for something), so I won’t be able to type… so don’t worry about us, we’ll be back “here” in a week!

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