and now you’ll see how old I really am…

Inspired by monalisa (who was inspired by someone else):

  • You know how parents of little kids like to say:  “Look what he/she does, isn’t she/he cute/smart?”  When I was the little girl in this icon, it was “Look how Cathy can do The Twist!” My grandfather had a restaurant with a juke box, and Chubby Checker got a workout!
  • A few times my mom would let me stay up late to watch Ed Sullivan (in black & white), because both of us were crazy about… The Beatles, of course.
  • The first songs I danced to as a teeny-bopper, were “Dizzy” by Tommy Roe, “Knock Three Times”, and “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies.
  • The first albums (“LPs”) I collected as a pre-teen, were The Monkees.
  • In high school I signed up for band because of a boy I had a crush on who also did; I tried to play the flute, but all that blowing made me dizzy and the teacher thought I was going to faint!  Later I took the Folk Guitar class instead.  Sometimes even today I think about taking out my old rusty guitar (which I can’t play very well anyway), especially when I hear Steve Bell.
  • The first concerts I went to, were The Gaithers, in Ottawa.  When we went up to shake their hands afterwards and I commented on how much I enjoyed their music, they answered, “Yeah, we could tell!”  (That’s why I sit at the back of the church–I’m too bouncy.)
  • 28 years ago this Saturday, we had “You Light Up My Life” sung by a relative, as I walked down the aisle to join my husband-to-be.
  • We did sign Sam up for piano, but it was too hard with both parents giving him too much advice.  So he took voice instead, and for his performance sang Lion King songs.  He also sang in the school choir and the small church choir we had for awhile.  He used to get so sleepy half-way through the performance, that he’d be yawning instead of singing!  He lost interest when his voice changed.
  • In my son’s beginning high school years, someone gave him a Newsboys CD, which started a great love for Christian music, for both of us!  His favourite song at that time was “Million Pieces (Kissin’ Your Cares Good-bye)”, which was quite appropriate for what he was going through.  A couple of years later, we attended “Kingdom Bound” in New York with some friends, and had an awesome experience.
  • Last year at my parents’ 50th Anniversary party, my husband & son got together all kinds of 50’s & 60’s music on the computer, and with the help of relatives & lots of speakers & microphones, we had a fantastic outdoor dance.  When The Twist came on, I jumped up to dance, and both my (younger) brothers ran to the dance floor to join me.  It was SO much fun!! (Do any of you know what a “poodle skirt” is?)
  • My husband & I started to like country music when we were first married; now the three of us each prefer different kinds of music (he still likes country!)
  • One of my favourite things to do is to put Wow Worship CD’s, and Jars of Clay, and sometimes Newsboys, into the truck player when I’m driving by myself, and sing along at the top of my lungs!
  • There is just so much wonderful Christian music available nowadays, it’s hard to get it all listened to!  I’ve divided a bunch of it up into seasons (as if I had nothing better to do!), and try to listen to at least one song every day–and it sounds SO good with the quality of headphones, etc. that we can have, too.  Today’s song was “It is Well with My Soul” by Jars of Clay.
  • Another thing I absolutely love to do, is make slide shows matching photos to music (Moviemaker).  Right now I’m working on my son’s graduation photos (a year later), putting them to “Million Pieces” (Newsboys).
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