they’re back!!

And I was oh-so-happy to see them again!

They had a great rest, enjoyed wonderful weather, and the best part (apparently!) is that the gals BEAT the guys in SEVERAL games of Foot! (a card game)  AND, The Boy seems to be feeling better–The Diet is working!  His parents have decided to join him on it, sympathetically, for the supper meal at least (the other meals would be so expensive); and hopefully two will lose weight while the other gains!

And now the leaves are up to their rustling stage, flowers are blooming everywhere, and today it’s going up to 32 degrees celsius!! (That’s like 85 F).  Here’s something that shows how humans love to imitate their creator:

The shades of green and pink going together in this is just beautiful.  It’s from the Heritage Album that The Mom’s Mom has done for her husband (The Mom’s Dad!)  She’s already done one for herself, and one for each of her four kids.  (Our Mom only does photodraw & moviemaker stuff.)

We’ve decided to put pictures behind a link all the time, in case we ever want to get extended family to read here–many of them just have dial-up, and The Mom discovered how slowly her dad’s uploads!

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