summer joy

The heat started so early today that The Family was all outside at 8:30, having breakfast on the deck.  And no one feels like leaving that shady spot (under the 9 trees mentioned yesterday!)  But one has already gone to an all-day elders’ meeting, and another soon has to get up and wash windows… the remaining one:  The Boy seems to be having another good day.  All the prayers & hard work (special diet) is paying off.

Oh the delight of summer sounds!
    * a dove cooing
    * a cardinal calling
    * traffic in the distance
    * a neighbour’s fountain merrily splashing
    * air conditioners coming off and on, lulling people to sleep
    * the soft rustle of the new leaves
    * a small baby’s cries coming from an open window
    * back doors opening, people watering gardens
    * a high airplane, drawing one’s mind up

Lord, we pray for those many people who are still waiting to feel better.  Give them the strength and hope they need to carry on, to do what they need to do.  Help them to know the power that’s available to them if they but ask.

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