We have made such a “thing” of “falling in love”… It all hinges on one special moment, or “spark”… or “love at first sight”–if it’s not there at the first meeting, it won’t ever be there.  Or so it’s been ingrained into us, by all the romance stories.  I’m as bad as anyone, or so I discovered when someone else’s relationship got stopped in it’s tracks and made me break into tears. (“It’s so unfair!”)

This expectation that everyone seems to have, has broken up many a relationship I’m sure, and kept many people lonely into their old age.  Just because the “spark” wasn’t there.  Maybe it’s also a sign of our impatience.  No one wants to wait–very long at all sometimes–for the “spark” to come.  How can someone say that everything else is right–and indeed that is even obvious–and yet break things off because of no “spark”?  Even at one meeting?

After all, that spark disappears later in a marriage… deep love comes only after spending time together through difficulties, learning to get along during bad moods, forgiving, etc.

*sigh*  I don’t suppose it’ll ever change!

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