kid brother

They say that he wrote this himself, when he was this boy (he can’t remember it), but it seems quite possible that it was a poem he merely had to copy out in school.  (However he does write pretty good poetry in his adulthood!) 

(**credit for the scrapbooking goes to this guy’s Mom**  Do you know, she spent four years, and did a huge album for each of her four kids?  The Mom doesn’t like pictures of herself; however, it does include the family history–and she was rather cute as a small child, of course… but this littlest brother is the one who kept his good looks–even now.  Okay, so now we’re going to have to prove that:  see picture at the end of this post.)

It’s hard to see the words to the poem, plus, we do have friends on our list who can’t read jpg’s, so…

A little seed for me to sow
A little earth to make it grow
A little hole, a little pat
A little wish and that is that
A little sun, a little shower
A little while…
    And then a flower!”

By the way:  this brother got picked on and teased so much by his brother & sisters when they were young, perhaps you could say it was a typical “middle child syndrome”, BUT–he turned out to be the most successful in many ways, in his career as well as in the physical realm:  he does various races–bicycle and running and so on; just last weekend he did an ironman race (involving running, swimming, etc.), and in a race the weekend before, he managed to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  And he’s in his LATE 40’S!!

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