a New Beginning

I’ve been having a little argument with The Mom.  She wants to make a list of irritations, even though she’s all cheerful this morning.  My idea is that she’ll be giving a totally wrong impression by doing that; but she just feels that if she writes them down, they’ll go away.  Come to think of it, that does happen a lot with her… any list she writes down seems to go completely out of her mind.  If someone asks about what’s going on tomorrow, she doesn’t know until she consults her calendar.  One time she actually lost her grocery list on the way to the store–what a disaster!

Okay, so we’ll compromise about this.  We’ll let her put the list under a

  • my teeth all succumbing to root canals, one after another, even though I’m the one in this family who spends the most time brushing and flossing
  • the new fridge-freezer breaking for a third time in 2 years
  • expensive waterbed sheets that have to be taken back because they’ve pilled already, after only a few months
  • my cluelessness in thinking of the right things for supper that will be *enough*–that won’t make me worry about one losing too much weight, and the others gaining too much
  • my total inability to stick to a resolve to lose weight
  • novels that are supposed to be good, but I end up wasting so much of my slow-reading time on them
  • night… sweats (even in the daytime), and less sleep at night

So, it wasn’t a very long list, but I guess each of the things were enough of a bother.  But this morning she’s feeling like a new season starting, since yesterday she did finish up some kids’ club stuff for the year, and cleaned up some other long-standing messes.  Plus, today is “menu day”.  As difficult as that is for her (it takes her hours), it is a chance to try some new “arrangements”–combinations of food, etc.

Being out here on the deck, listening to the birds & the breezes, looking at the multitude of wild-rose blooms, and shapy clouds in the sky, is certainly a cheery way to start the day!

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