18 Eggs

Do you know, The Mom bought a carton of 18 eggs on Thursday, while she still had 6 from her other carton, and by Friday afternoon there were only 6 eggs left again?  She made muffins on Thursday, and on Friday:  cookies, ice cream, Monte Cristo sandwiches for supper, and…

  • She wanted to try the cooked one this time, so the mayonnaise would keep longer; so she used the double boiler as the recipe suggested, in order to cook it very slowly.
  • It said to stir and cook until it started to bubble.  She stirred & stirred, it got thicker & thicker, and she finally realized it was never gonna bubble.
  • Another recipe called for hard boiled eggs, so she assumed this would still be okay, and scraped it into the food processor.
  • The amount was so small (3 egg yokes, 1 t. honey, a little mustard), that the blades were not reaching it.
  • So she thought once she started adding the oil, it might work.  This was an attraction of the new food processor:  a little hole just for pouring in oil for making mayonnnaise.
  • The oil had trouble getting to the “thin stream” stage, and there was soon oil all over the place.
  • The recipe had “emergency” suggestions, for in case you end up with a lumpy mess:  whisk up another egg yoke, and slowly add the mess… it worked!
  • So she put it back into the food processor, for adding the rest of the oil.
  • Mess happened again.  So she whipped up another egg yoke, and added Mess #2.  This time she added the rest of the oil here, rather than back into the food processor. 

RESULT:  Nice, thick mayonnaise!

It wasn’t really all that hard, since she used her hand mixer.  Next time, she’ll START with that!

Today’s eggs:  deviled.

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