God bless all fathers…

In honour of the occasion, here is an old post of The Mom’s, about a fascinating Breakpoint article.  Breakpoint is a commentary done by Chuck Colson.

In defense of Fathers/men

Colson refers to a new book by Norah Vincent, “A Self-Made Man”.  This lady took great pains to research her subject (men), to the extreme of disguising herself as a man for 18 months.  She wanted to know what men were like when women weren’t around.  One thing she discovered, was that her ‘bowling buddies’ (a construction worker, a repairman and a plumber) were not sexist bigots, but “generous men who adored their wives and daughters.”

Another observation was that “Men carry an unspoken ‘presumption of guilt’ in the eyes of many women. Even if they overcome this presumption of guilt, they still have to deal with what Vincent calls the ‘warrior/minstrel complex’–the idea that they are to be rugged as a Viking raider and as sensitive as a medieval troubadour.”

Colson points out that this author is lesbian, but he praises her honesty:

“To her credit, Vincent senses that there’s something missing from her account. She wonders if there’s a ‘preprogrammed and possibly inescapable grammar of gender burned on our brains.’

“Well, yes. What Vincent calls an ‘inescapable grammar’ is what Christians call ‘male and female created He them.’ Since our denial of this ‘grammar’ lies behind many of the problems that Vincent documents, the solution begins with something more profound than makeup and a haircut: It’s understanding that, ultimately, men are created, not made.”

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