I’m sure some people will be complaining that there was hardly any mention about Father’s Day, but Rob’s sermon was excellent.

We did two more “letters to the churches”, in Revelation 2:18-3:6.  Even though I can’t remember what the problem was with the second church, he did a good job of presenting a timely message, which fit with our church’s present theme of “Together With Jesus”.  The sermon title was “A Living Exhibition of Life with God”, and revolved around 3 points: Seeing, Listening, and Suffering.

  • Seeing:  There is so much visuality today–if we’re not looking at TV, it’s computer monitors, advertising pictures, digital cameras, etc. etc. It seems like there’s an obsession with the visual.
  • Listening:  The repetitive words in these chapters–“He who has ears to hear, let him hear…”  Note that the listening comes FIRST, before one is able to tuly see.
  • Suffering: Rob led up to this by talking about the “Jezebel” symbolism used for the church at Thyatira, saying that it’s summed up in the word “COMPROMISE” (one could think it doesn’t pertain, since it’s talking about sexual immorality, etc., but no…. compromise)–a prevelant sin among today’s Christians, who, rather than suffer any discomfort, compromise their commitment to God by “meeting Satan half-way” (my expression). 

Of course, he had a lot more to say around these things; but that third point was one I found convicting.  It’s difficult to fully surrendur every small act, and one can always make excuses that it’s not really sin.  This also matched with what Craig said a few weeks ago.

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