There was lots of excitement here yesterday–I got to sneak outside, and get my paws wet!  The power went off because of a storm in Toronto knocking down some lines, so it was “Natural Air-Conditioning” time.  The Dad got to play with his little generator, hooking it up to the trailer so that the spaghetti squash could be cooked in the trailer microwave…

The generator was in the garage (garage door open of course), and this turned out to almost cause a visit by the firemen!  You see, gas fumes were getting inside the house, and the carbon monoxide alarm went off.  The security company talked to The Dad by phone to make sure he wasn’t “loopy” with poisoning, but they were bound and determined to send the fire truck… until the signal on their end finally started to go down (after we opened more doors and windows).

The power didn’t come on until late at night, but it happens so often around here, people are really starting to lose patience.  In fact, the sudden power fluctuations could be the cause of the (fairly new) fridge in this house breaking for the third time in one and a half years!  That’s the disadvantage to everything, even kitchen appliances, having computers in them.  Thankfully, the fridge is on the extra-warranty this time (it was extremely expensive last time).  Today is the day it finally gets fixed, so The Mom won’t have to try and think every time she needs something “Is it in the little fridge downstairs, the little one up here, the camping fridge, or the trailer fridge?”

Now a plug for The Message.  We’ve started into Micah, and this version helps you see chapter one much clearer, translating the names of the various cities into English.  And even though The Message (Eugene Peterson) is readily available on the internet, and we often share parts of it–it’s worth having your own copy, just so you can read the intro’s to each of the books; for example, here’s an excerpt from the introduction to Micah:

“Micah… was a master of metaphor.  This means that he used words not simply to define or identify what can be seen, touched, smelled, heard, or tasted, but to plunge us into a world of presence.  To experience presence is to enter that far larger world of reality that our sensory experiences point to but cannot describe–the realities of love and compassion, justice and faithfulness, sin and evil. . .and God.  Mostly God.”

Doesn’t it make you want to read it?

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