Yogurt Prayer Time

The milk and half & half have to come to the boiling point, before being cooled down to add the culture for its 24-hr. incubating; it takes half an hour, while you’re just standing there stirring, doing… nothing?  No, The Mom has realized it’s a great time to pray!  Not only all the usual stuff, but how about, well, actually praying for the yogurt…. picturing it going down into those diseased intestines, eating up those nasty bug-a-boos in a specially ferocious manner, and radiating health throughout the body–health that reaches even to the soul!

Sounds crazy, but, why not?

Meanwhile, here she goes with another one of those urges to shed some “pet peeves”…

  • waking up at 3:30 am and finally getting back to sleep half an hour before it’s time to get up
  • seeing one picture that “brings it all back”–I’m fine as long as I’m not thinking about it, but I SO miss my ex-pastor *sniff*
  • hot flashes *blushes with embarrassment*… they really get tiring
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