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Summer 2

This one comes after the other “Calico Check-in”.  These two were written a few years ago, and though certain aspects are fiction of course, the major portion of them are true. Well Boss, this time I’ve really been playing the … Continue reading

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this is where we are

Since my brother was asking for pictures! It looks like we’re camped in a gravel parking lot, but there is a nice grassy area behind.  We “had” to take this site, because of the guys wanting internet. As long as … Continue reading

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I’m Done!!

I didn’t think this one was as well written, especially at the end where Harry is running around not knowing where he’s going, (McGonagall says “aren’t you supposed to be looking for something?”… “Oh yeah!”–comic relief maybe?  However, the plot … Continue reading

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Calico Check-in, Summer

Okay, Boss, got your message—received and transmitted. 

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Vacation #2

In sotto voce:  I actually go along on these vacations, since Guardian Angels have the ability to make themselves invisible…  so, possibly, you will hear from me at some point over the next couple of weeks! Ahem! Yes, well, meanwhile… … Continue reading

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good things, and…

We have one, solitary Astilbe flower, that’s like a little glow-spot in the garden. SO MANY HAPPY THINGS TODAY! The sun is shining. Time to see the latest Harry Potter movie this afternoon. Time to READ the latest Harry Potter … Continue reading

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Words, words, words…

The problem is, if we read our friends’ page first before posting, which has to be done to find the “word of the day”, we can get rather distracted! However, two more days and then The Family will be totally … Continue reading

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speaking of summer mood-setting…

Time for another favourite poem.  The Mom wanted to use this one some how last year when her parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, which is coming up again soon (the anniversary coming again, not the 50th :P). GOLDEN GLORIES … Continue reading

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Top Ten Miracles

The Mom actually had energy to do some more weeding yesterday. One of her thymes was full of summer-mood-setting buzzy-bees. She finally got all her lists organized for going away, and even ticked some of the things off the list! … Continue reading

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bits & pieces

Wasn’t that silly?  Using that “meme” yesterday… it took longer than actually doing our usual sort of post! We’re finally getting some rain off and on, with the sun shining in between.  But the temperature still keeps getting very unusually … Continue reading

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