Apparently they had a good time… if the size of certain waist-lines is any indication.  Now The Mom will be busy these next two weeks, getting things ready for TWO weeks away!  She’s in her life-is-a-test mode.  It’s like a game:  see how well she can do in setting the right priorities, moment by moment.

So, hope you are all having a great “blue month” (blue:  cooling).  These guys have been “blue with cold”, on their holiday, but back here in TO it’s properly hot.

Here’s what The Mom has been playing at, during her holidays:

–her sister threw a great party for their 25th Anniversary.

She finally finished The Boy’s graduation video (high school), one year later!  Most of the pictures & audio clips are from the actual day, with the long robes & mortor-board hat-thingy, but this picture from kindergarten (what–15 years ago?) is one of her favourites.  Isn’t he huggable?  (Still is!)

Here’s the poem she wrote for him last year, which isn’t really much of a poem & uses lots of lines from “Million Pieces” by the Newsboys (on purpose)–which is the background song for the video.

There You Go
timetables title pages text books calculus headaches tests footnotes
reviews assemblies math stomachaches english geometry history algebra
bibliographies law journal entries seminars agendas worries
charts rubrics more math… tickertape…

a million lookout guides
a million deadlines
a million raindrops
a million muffled sighs,
a million times barely getting by.

This is not your floor anymore,
Forget all those things–
Are those Robes, or wings?
Kiss it good-bye, you’re free to fly!

Higher than before!

Look outside…

(“Oh they all fall…”)

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