how often do you read poetry?

Do you remember the fun days of reading kid-stories every day?  The Mom still reads the ones she used to read aloud to her baby… in fact, the poem just before they left for Vacation #1, is from a little book of poems, “Worms Wiggle, Bugs Jiggle”.  Here’s another favourite, that is especially suited to where they were (Nanny & Pappy’s place has lots of woods):

In a Wood

I like a wood.  Wherever you go in it
There’s always something you didn’t know in it:

Roots and moss and gnarled bits of stick in it;
Shiny-backed beetles that hurry and kick in it;

Toadstools and fungus, grubs or a worm in it,
Odd little insects that scamper or squirm in it;

Dry leaves to shuffle in over your shoes in it,
Wandering pathways to go where you choose in it;

Always some nice sort of licheny seat in it,
And mostly a nut or a berry to eat in it;

An earthy and mossy and mildewy smell in it–
Oh, hundreds more things than you ever could tell in it!

by Joyce Brisley

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