visual delight

Do you know the July pictures are not even up yet in this house?  I know, there shouldn’t be complaining about being busy when there usually seems to be time to do things like change the wall-pictures every month, and putting different colours of flowers on the wreath and the coffee table driftwood each season, (and writing in live journal?)

It’s just that we have SO many lovely calendar pictures… they’re great for “taking you away” to different places–mostly in nature.  The Mom and HER mom have a sort of unspoken “pact”, not to buy each other calendars anymore, because we already have so many pictures, and it’s hard to throw any of them away, they’re so lovely.  Of course, with all the scrapbooking Nanny does these days, small calendars would be always handy for cutting out little decorations.  The Mom has her calendar totally on computer now, so that’s easier.  Funny eh, to think of people actually avoiding beautiful pictures!

Thank you God, for the artistic talent You’ve given so many.

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