Can you believe it?  They’ve found another disease!  Nature Deficit Disorder.  I’m not kidding–we heard it on the news yesterday!  Appparently, kids are not only watching too much TV these days, but just totally staying inside… on computers, playing games, (doing homework?), etc., and hardly ever get outside to play anymore.  (So I suppose our poem about the wood wouldn’t have meant much to them.)

Does it count to take your computer outside?  That’s what they do around here–they’re outside every chance they get, but they almost always have a laptop on top of lap.  One time when they were camping, they even sat around the campfire with them–all three of them!  Finally a rule sprung up (?):  no laptops around the campfire!

But come to think of it, you see a lot of people even in campgrounds, sitting inside their trailers watching TV (something THIS family never takes out on a camping trip–even when they did use to watch TV).  And of course, the kids always bring along their electronics–games, etc.  Well, at least you don’t generally find any of that in the pool…

When you’re praying today, mention The Mom’s sister (the one who just celebrated her 25th anniversary), who had a mild heart attack yesterday (and she’s only 44!)  Maybe this is what she needs to get her to stop smoking…

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