Top Ten Miracles

  1. The Mom actually had energy to do some more weeding yesterday.
  2. One of her thymes was full of summer-mood-setting buzzy-bees.
  3. She finally got all her lists organized for going away, and even ticked some of the things off the list!
  4. She had to buy so many cards (birthdays, anniversary, sympathy, get well), that she got one free!  (But the real miracle here is that she made all those card-choices in only one half hour!)
  5. It’s a miracle that all these things are on the list for today:  laundry, cook 2 meals to pack (ribs & meatloaf), wash dishes (by hand), finish baking (cookies), make bread crumbs, try nut milk, get the baked beans ready for tomorrow, call to see when the Harry Potter movie is in the DVS theatre this weekend, take The Dad to Radio Shack, make pork schnitzel for supper, get the cards ready for mailing.. and sundry other items!
  6. The grass got just enough rain to keep it from dying, but not enough that it needs mowing–yet.
  7. The temperature is a balmy 15 celsius, rather than the 10 celsius we had yesterday.  (15 is 70 F, but the humidity is nice.)
  8. There are pretty little fluffy white clouds floating by in a bright blue sky.
  9. The Brother (the one we posted about awhile ago–who does all that fitness stuff) actually got onto MSN!!
  10. We managed to remember this morning, that we can’t do a thing without God’s help–the very air we breathe is a gift.
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