Summer 2

This one comes after the other “Calico Check-in”.  These two were written a few years ago, and though certain aspects are fiction of course, the major portion of them are true.

Well Boss, this time I’ve really been playing the part of investigative detective.  I’d been looking over The Mom’s shoulder at what she was reading–it was a couple of verses of a Psalm–and couldn’t help wondering if she really understood the words.  These verses were attributing some very interesting activities to, of all things, the “heavens”–the sky!  They were three specific actions that gave a definite picture of personality to Mr. Sky:

  1.  He made a declaration and proclamation; nothing shy and hanging back here, but bold enough to declare and proclaim something.
  2. He’s one of these characters who love to talk, on and on, day after day just pouring it out of his mouth.
  3. Now, someone who talks a lot, usually ends up having to eat their words (hopefully they’re sweet and fat-free). But apparently this guy is quite smart, making a display of knowledge–though it did say this was done night after night; so perhaps that means he displayed it by being smart enough to keep quiet at night. 

So, I decided I’d look into this Mr. Sky.  Working backwards, my first step was to figure out what was meant by displaying knowledge.  I was
pretty sure it didn’t mean having bookshelves full of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other such reference books. Was it by example? (‘Boy,
he’s gotta be pretty smart to do that!’) Or by answering any question put to him–even math questions? (How about a digital display above the belt of Orion?) I promised myself to watch and just see what happened at night, with Mr. Sky.

That opportunity came when The Family went north for their next vacation, since North means there are fewer city lights to block out the starlight.  Mind you, there was a lot of distraction on that holiday, since the mini-van was exchanged for a mini-truck, and I had to put my
guardian-angel powers into play a few times to prevent accidents–The Mom was just not used to driving such a different vehicle.

My night-sky observations started when we were camped at a provincial park with no hydro.  Not only did the family have to put away the laptops, but since other relatives were camped there–they actually had to talk to people! This made for some interesting discussions around the campfire. One night, they got into this whole thing about space and planets, etc. Honestly Boss, the way these humans scoff at anything they can’t understand, makes me think of an ant rearing up on its front legs and saying: “There is no such thing as Man!”

Anyway, the point was brought up about the earth being in exactly the right position to sustain life, etc., and as I contemplated the stars and
the moon, and noted the beauty of some northern lights… my thought was that–yep, thats quite the brainy display, alright. No one could argue with that evidence of knowledge shown by Mr. Sky.

My investigation continued next with the part of the verses about ‘pouring forth speech day after day’. Problem is, at the point when I started to think about this, the skies began to pour forth a lot of noise all right:  rain and thunder, to be exact.  And that did seem like it was going to go on ‘day after day’! 

By the time things cleared up, we were at an uncle’s cottage.  He has a pontoon boat that he likes to take people out for rides in, which meant that I had to venture out on–yikes!–water! Its a small lake, but I am a cat-angel, remember.  There were several dog-angels there who assured me that it was quite safe and even fun.  I’m not sure which was worse:  the boat ride or the dogs!

Once we got going it wasn’t too bad, and when my heart finally settled down, the sky began to get through to me again.  Being out on a lake
allows the eye to see quite an expanse of the heavens, and when the sun is setting on a splash of clouds… My mission of the previous months came to mind (about being still and knowing, remember), and I thought that the sky’s voice was actually a quiet sort of one that you have to ‘be still’ for, if you’re going to hear it–until the reds became more pronounced in the cloud-work and I felt like exclaiming: “Look at those noisy skies!”

So now, I’d looked into Mr. Sky’s display of knowledge and his pouring forth of ‘speech’.  What about this idea of boldly declaring and proclaiming?

I’m afraid that my job became sorely neglected at this point.  Our next stop, near the end of the vacation, was at relatives’ on The Mom’s side this time. The boldness that grabbed my attention wasn’t the sky, but two little kittens taking my place on laps!  I know the Family thought they’d left me at home, but invisible or not–I was ousted!  My apologies, Boss, for being so upset that hiding and pouting seemed to be my only option.

The investigation was completely forgotten, until The Boy started school again. (Man, it sure was good to be home!) Of course, the subject came up about ‘knowledge’, as it would when school is once again filling people’s minds. The idea was expressed that in order to find the answers you really want, you need to know how to ask the right questions.  My questioning over the summer had to do with the sky having character, etc.  But perhaps my focus was too much on the ‘how’. If we start with the question “What?”, answers to other things might come easier (at least in this case).

So what is it exactly, that Mr. Sky is so bold and noisy about? 

“The heavens declare the:  glory of God.”  -OH- yeah!–now that -IS- a clear message if I’ve ever seen… heard… one!

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they
display knowledge.” Psalm 19:1 & 2.

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