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I can’t believe…

it’s the last day of August already some leaves on our boulevard tree have already got their fall colours The Boy is really not living here anymore (presently) The Family Mom & Dad are going away for another week’s vacation … Continue reading

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to keep it going…

The purpose of this meme is to see if any one LJer can be connected to most (if not all) of their LJ friends through real life connections. For the test to work, you and your friends, and their friends, … Continue reading

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fruit everywhere

This summer, for The Mom– there was no strawberry picking, but lots of homemade strawberry jam (thanks to her Mom) there’s been no raspberry picking or eating (her favourite) BUT:  blueberries–YES!!  There are still some in the freezer, waiting for … Continue reading

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Top Ten Miracles

it can be so relaxing just to watch glowing clouds float by in a blue sky another hot summer day coming, in spite of being almost September a good night of rest, for one Freshman (we assume!) finally finding another … Continue reading

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praying for sleep!!

“I’m meeting with tomorrow early P, so we’ll see how that goes.” If the poor guy doesn’t get some sleep, he might arrive for his appointment and say: “Pleased to meet you, Tomorrow Early”…

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Protected: what a mixture

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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just gotta post this

From yesterday’s Move-In Day, included in the Welcome package for the students: “Things you should know” (4 points):1. about student id card2. about first floor meeting3. “If you have any question”, etc.“4. Everything is going to be alright.”(smile)

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1200 drums, & robust health

THE FIRST DAYThis morning I had to guard a certain bedroom.  The door of this bedroom is usually always closed at this time of day, but it’s been open all night.  I’m not crazy about things that aren’t the way … Continue reading

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this is the day

Are you wondering how The Mom is feeling? I’m still quite excited!  After all, it’s not everyone who gets to realize their dreams in the skins of their kids (not that I knew it was a dream until now!)  To … Continue reading

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The. Last. Day.

Last minute discussions about the microwave being too busy when you’re rushed for class.  How many sleeveless T-shirts to bring.  How long will it take to unpack (since there’s a Floor Meeting at 4).  Decision not to wear mismatched socks … Continue reading

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