“The Golden Month”…
To celebrate, here are some great worship lyrics:

I’m looking up, Holding out
Pressing forward–Without a doubt
Longing for the things unseen,
Longing for the things I believe–
My true country.

We hope and wait For the glorious day
All tears will vanish, Wiped away
On the saints this day already shines,
On the saints this day already shines
It already shines.

We’ll be singing hallelujah!
We’ll be singing hallelujah!
At the top of our lungs, halle-le-lujah/
(With all our breath, halle-le-lujah):
To Your glory, hallelujah!
Hallelujah, hallelujah.

And I know that it’s coming, But I can’t see it now
And I’ve touched it in moments, But I can’t hold it yet…
And it glows in the darkness, And it calls us away
To our true destination–To that glorious day!
We’ll be singing…


(not mine)

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