light, blessing, and stuff

The Mom was quite amazed at how much she was able to get done yesterday.  That likely came from putting others first, in her prioritizing–God blessed her for it.  But that blessing will turn-around, if she isn’t careful about humility!

“The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. ” (Psalm 119:130)

So, if there’s someone that makes you wonder if they’ll ever “get it”–you don’t have to give up hope if you try sharing scripture with them.  And if it gives “understanding to the simple”, it can surely help you when you have no idea what to do!

Now, just to add a little levity to our days, I think we should start looking outside again.  The lawn & garden are finally breathing a little easier, since they got some sprinkler-water last night.  The peppermint is going to seed, and the Japanese fern is almost dead, but the one Fall-plant (can never remember the name!) is doing really well; as well as the grapevine, which is a weed that has been allowed to run rampant:  it actually looks like it’s trying to come inside here, with all its twisty, curly-cue branches.  I suppose The Mom thinks she’ll be able to collect it up in the Fall, and make her own grapevine wreath.

Like yesterday, there is a hint of rain, that will probably go away somewhere else before it falls here.  A neighbour’s tree is spotted with dying leaves, maybe because it needs that rain.  Well, this dry weather can’t go on forever, can it?

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