more peaceful in the city!

Of course, that’s when you’re comparing it to a campground where the trailers are packed in quite close together, and there are lots of families with kids–and those kids get into a nearby pool.  Even the lawn mowers in the campground were bigger & noisier than the ones you hear around home.  And in this little postage-stamp-backyard, you don’t even hear people outside too much:  they’re too busy with life, or too bored with their backyard.

On the other hand, we DO hear (& see) wildlife–here in the big city!  (We’re in the suburbs.)  As the evening closes in, the sound of crickets& grasshoppers is beautiful.  A red cardinal calling for his mate is quite common.  We’ve also had:  rabbits, skunk, racoons, and of course the squirrels fairly overrun the place–before the leaves are on the trees there are several squirrel’s nests visible from this comfy chair.

The traffic noises?  The construction noise?  They, along with the air conditioners, tend to drone on in the background and lull you to sleep!

But speaking of sleeping, The Mom is putting on a rather diaphanous show of feeling wide-awake and chipper.  She really should go back to bed for awhile, but will she?  Ha!

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