and again…

More this morning, in the church service, about not worrying.  Maybe it has something to do with waking up in the middle of the night, and thinking things, about son in university.  The Big Worry: Eating Right (translated: “health”).  Especially when every little mention of it is received with a noise of frustration.

Anyway, it’s like God is saying: “Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry…”  And HIS repetition can only be received with eternal gratefulness.

The “worry” lesson was in the children’s story, and that’s not the first time the message has been just as much for the adults as the kids.  Greg’s sermon was about discipleship.  The idea I hadn’t thought of before:  that it’s a gift.  Not just to do it, but of course to receive it (the benefits of a discipling relationship). 

What I think has been lacking these days, is the idea that there is authority in the church.  Every message is to be questioned.  Of course it is true that everything should be carefully measured against God’s Word, but to a certain extent, our pastors should be recognized as God’s messenger to us.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts; the sermon was more of an encouragement to disciple and to be discipled.  I also thought of how helping someone else grow into & develop a mission, can be a way of reaching out to the world (e.g., my son could really reach a lot of people as a journalist, so I’d better do what I can–mainly prayer at this point–to make sure he reaches them with the right message!  So that would be one way for me to fulfill the Great Commission.)

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