What time of day do YOU read your friends’ page?

Maybe we need to be manumited from this idea of checking for the word of the day, since we always get distracted with reading our friends’ page!  A person could just enjoy lj for reading friends, without doing anything else with it… I’m sure lots do! (One almost-20-yr. old in particular.)  Well, the thing to do, when possible, is read that at night.  We’re often quite late to comment on many of them anyway, when it’s read in the morning.

The little fridge has been cleaned out, cleaning supplies & laundry soap has been purchased, the new pants have been hemmed… and yesterday we received all the instructions about Move-In Day.  We had advice to come later, when it wouldn’t be so busy (over 800 students moving into residence this coming Sunday!)  But they make it sound like it will be “SO fun” to stand in line for the elevators… like, maybe we’ll be missing something by not being there in time to stand in line?  (smile) Oh, well, I’m sure all the helpers will still be there to talk to when we get there!

Another thing we got yesterday was the list of all the reading to be done for the English course.  That kind of looks like fun too… until all the work for the other courses starts showing up(!)

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