The. Last. Day.

Last minute discussions about the microwave being too busy when you’re rushed for class.  How many sleeveless T-shirts to bring.  How long will it take to unpack (since there’s a Floor Meeting at 4).  Decision not to wear mismatched socks today.  (especially since it’s a party day.)  Another trip to buy something else that’s needed.  Wondering if the lineup will still be there when we arrive sometime after lunch.  Plans to meet volunteer student guide.

Next week will be busy with a whirlwind of FUN things–aka “Orientation Week” (the reason for the student guide).  The Boy Freshman will be so exhausted by evening, he’ll not only sleep well, but won’t be able to POST to give us a run-down, wil he?  Of course not!

“The world’s a huge stockpile of GOD-wonders and God-thoughts.” (from Psalm 40)

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