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Are you wondering how The Mom is feeling?

I’m still quite excited!  After all, it’s not everyone who gets to realize their dreams in the skins of their kids (not that I knew it was a dream until now!)  To think–Journalism!  And I remember the excitement of living on my own, though that would be sort of different for a guy (girls love the idea of doing their own home decor, organizing, etc.)  But Downtown TO… something that never attracted me before, now making these suburbs seem so boring!  I guess it’s like when your kids are little, you find all those little-kid-toys so fascinating.  :D

But I did think of something else to worry about!  That heavy bag that he’s not used to carrying… (hence the cut, so he has a chance of not having to read that!)  If he could get away with just carrying it in his fingers he’d be okay, since the fingers get a lot of (typing) exercise–those incredibly fast fingers!  (

.)  My goodness I talk in brackets a lot!  No wonder I have to let Dustie control this journal! :)

Will things really be that different around here, for me?  I’m still doing a lot of baking for him; suppers will definitely be different.  But I lost him already years ago, when he became too old to “play with Mommy”–that’s when he became Dad’s friend.  It’s Dad who is feeling lonely already!  I have to keep telling him, he’ll see his Boy often, etc.  But he is glad for his son, too, and wants him to have his own life.  He’ll be okay (The Dad).

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