Top Ten Miracles

  • it can be so relaxing just to watch glowing clouds float by in a blue sky
  • another hot summer day coming, in spite of being almost September
  • a good night of rest, for one Freshman (we assume!)
  • finally finding another author who writes well (Ken Follet), since The Mom’s slow reading means she hates wasting time on those who don’t write well.
  • another batch of delicious-tasting yogurt to be made today (we’ll never get over how bacteria can grow into something so good!)
  • yesterday a bright yellow bird (oriole?) stopped to say hello to The Mom on her walk (too bad she didn’t have her camera!)
  • the amazing noise of crickets and/or grasshoppers that fills the air at night–here in the suburbs of the big city, NOT when we’re camping!
  • 60 people wanting to be pastor of our church (now to sort through all those resumes!)
  • that God still loves fat people like The Mom (just… kidding)
  • there are still new recipes that we haven’t tried!
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