fruit everywhere

This summer, for The Mom–

  • there was no strawberry picking, but lots of homemade strawberry jam (thanks to her Mom)
  • there’s been no raspberry picking or eating (her favourite)
  • BUT:  blueberries–YES!!  There are still some in the freezer, waiting for the right Pancake Moment!

On her walk last night, she noticed boughs of fruit everywhere:  crab apples, soft “fruit”/seed (what’s that tree called Pappy?  Mountain Astor?  Why can’t we remember these things, though there’s nothing recondite about them?), various blueberry-looking things that aren’t, even the wild rose in the backyard here is producing its rose hips.  So, even with the drought we’ve had, we’ve no reason to complain.  And the high heat & humidity from yesterday is dissipating into pleasant weather today, in spite of the fact that the storm they were calling for never came!

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