God marks the occasion (first part of testimonial)

Tomorrow is a turning point in the life of this family:  we no longer have a “Boy”, but a “Freshman”.  (Classes begin tomorrow.)

We called him “Boy”, from the time he was born–we were just so thrilled to have a baby boy.  We had waited years for him, married for 8 years before he came along.  In fact, Hannah’s story of praying for a baby, was rather a favourite in those days.  When The Mom asked God for a very special name for the baby she would one day have, it was very clear that his name should be “Samuel”.  About five YEARS after she knew his name, she finally met him!

“Crushed in soul, Hannah prayed to GOD and cried and cried–inconsolably.” (1 Samuel 1:10)  This was so true in the years before he came.  And in recent years, “The only thing I’ve been pouring out is my heart, pouring it out to GOD.” (1 Samuel 1:15b) 

Now this morning, it was time to check a reading schedule, made years ago, to see what was the next book for Old Testament readings.  It “happened to be” 1 Samuel.

There are so many things in that first chapter, besides memories.  For example, note what Hannah did after Eli prayed for her (and by the way, a “man of God” did pray for The Mom yesterday at church!)  Hannah had been fasting, remember, because she was so upset.  After that “fervent” praying that she did, and Eli praying for her: “Then she ate heartily, her face radiant.”  Looks like she really believed that God was going to answer her!  [But The Mom need not “eat heartily”! :D]

And now, though of course she’s doing it in a different way, a “letting go” sort of way… time for The Mom to say with Hannah: “I prayed for this child, and GOD gave me what I asked for. And now I have dedicated him to GOD. He’s dedicated to GOD for life.” (1 Samuel 1:28)

Last but not least, notice how the chapter ends off:

“Then and there, they worshiped GOD.”
(1 Samuel 1:28)

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