Conclusion of testimonial

The three pictures used:  from kindergarten, with his first “professional haircut”, (actually done by his Aunt); from Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, a very typical photo with headphones in place (and presently his userpic); the background, is a view of the ocean from the beach at St. Augustine–where we were last March.  It is tinted yellow to look more Septemberish, (with the date of September 3, 2007 on it:  the date we read this verse, which happened to be the day before his first classes at university).  Waves, looking out to the ocean, etc. have so many connotations, and are not necessary to elaborate.

The verse says:
“I prayed for this child, and God gave me what I asked for.”

  • To start, he was the answer to a prayer for a child, just like Hannah asked.
  • Many times over the years, God has answered prayer about him.
  • Most recently, God answered prayer by leading us to a special diet that helps him deal with his Crohn’s disease.
  • Presently, he’s able to pursue exactly what he wants to do (a student of journalism)–another answer to prayer!

“And now I have dedicated him to God.  He’s dedicated to God for life.”
Not in the same way that Hannah did of course.  This is more of a present thing.  Hannah gave up her child when he was 3, and I have to give mine up now that he is almost 20 and has left home for University.  It’s time to “let go”, and trust God to work in his life.  However, Hannah kept making robes for her little Samuel, and bringing them to him every year; even as I will continue to help my Samuel with his diet (and bringing him baked goods every week!)  Also, “dedicated to God for life” means that I will never cease to pray for him.  In fact, I’ll pray for him more diligently than ever before!

“Then and there, they worshiped God.”
Speaking of praying for someone, the best way to begin prayer is always with worship:  acknowledging God’s holiness, His mightiness, His sovereignity, etc.  This “stirs up the Holy Spirit within you”, and you become open to His leading about how to pray, and THEN you can expect amazing answers!  (And if you’ve been perceptive & following this journal, you’ll know that this reality has been freshly “impressed”, just previous to tihs.)

(1 Samuel 1:28)
Usually I put the reference in a smaller font, but not here.  This story has been an important one for me, for many years. (See previous posts!)

So:  this collage gives me a reminder of how God has answered prayer in the past, that I should continue to pray for him “for life”, and that my prayer, in order to be “effective, fervent… righteous..” always needs to involve worship.

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